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Advantages Of Our Product

The purpose of our CMC pontoon loading system is to provide a whole new way of loading a pontoon boat out of the water.

While boating is fun and relaxing, there are some tasks associated with boating that are not always pleasant. One task that many boaters do not enjoy is that of loading the boat back onto the trailer in order to remove the boat from the water. In particular to pontoon-style boats, aligning the pontoons onto the support rails of a trailer is particularly difficult under rough conditions such as windy conditions or river currents.

Accordingly, one solution has been the addition of guide rails on a trailer. The guide rails extend along the rear part of a trailer and are intended to fit inside the cavity between the pontoons so that the boat is aligned with the trailer and the support rails as it is driven or winched up onto the trailer. However, because boat ramps are sloped, the rear of the trailer, and thus the guide rails, are often underwater and unable to perform their intended purpose. Furthermore, the slope of boat ramps may vary greatly and thus a trailer with guide rails that possibly work at one ramp may not work at all at some other ramp.

Because it is difficult to drive the boat up onto the trailer, someone typically has to wade into the water and attach a line to the boat so that it can be winched up onto the trailer. There remains the need for a boat trailer that provides a simple and easy method to align a boat with the trailer so that it can be driven up onto the trailer and latched into place without difficulty.

If its high winds, rough waters, busy boat ramps, strong river currents or 1st time boaters….Bring It On!!!!!






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Customer Quote, 

"...I have my loader installed. It is a dream for all pontoon boat owners. No one uses the ramp that I use because they say its to steep to load a pontoon. There is always a breeze at this ramp causing problems for everybody - but ME. This should be standard equipment on all pontoon trailers. Greatest thing since sliced bread. "

William From Alabama

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Deluxe Loader Comes With Rails And Auto Latch 

Deluxe Loader Comes With Rails And Auto Latch 

Standard Loader Comes With Rails Only

No Auto Latch

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